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Suggest an Entry for the
A to Z Encyclopaedia of Ice Hockey

The encyclopaedia will always be a "work in progress" and your suggestions for items to be included will always be welcome.

On our credits page we list all contributors to the encyclopaedia together with the number of entries they have successfully submitted. If you would like to be included on the list please let us know.

Before suggesting an entry please read the qualification criteria below.

Qualification Criteria

To decide whether to include a team, a player or an administrator - we are using the following criteria.

The country, league or competition participated in must be sanctioned by an ice hockey organisation affiliated to the IIHF. (This applies to teams, players or administrators)

For a player to be included they should also meet one of the following.

a) A player who has played as a International for any country - senior or junior
b) A player who is a member of any country's Hall of Fame
c) A player who has been picked in any league's All-Star team - first or second team
d) A player who has received any recognized "league" or "writer's association" award
e) A player who has been in a championship, league or cup winning team and has won a medal.
f) A player who is unique in some way or holds some sort of record (see the entries for Matt Frewer, James Robertson Justice, John Haney or Kevin MacNaught - the last two qualified as Internationals anyway but ...)

We are also prepared to consider other cases.  

To Suggest an Entry

Highlight the following red/green text, copy and paste it into an e-mail to suggestedentry@azhockey.com - then substitute your information for the green text.

Player Last Name, First Name 'Nickname' (DOB-DOD)
Born in Town, State, Country. Playing position. General info. Overall career stats.
International Career (playing) : Played for list of teams with seasons
International Career (coaching) : Coached list of teams with seasons
Club Career (playing) : Played for list of teams with seasons
Club Career (coaching) : Coached list of teams with seasons
Medals : e.g. Won the World Championship gold in ... Won the Stanley Cup ...
Honours : e.g. Won the MVP Trophy ... All-Star ... Captain of the ... His number x jersey was retired by the ...
Jersey/Shirt numbers worn : ...

Team (alternative Team name) [web site]
Town, State, Country. General info - year founded, league(s) played in etc.
Home ice : Arena Name
Team colours : ...
Affiliations have included : list of teams with seasons
General manager : list of GMs with seasons in post
Head coach : list of coaches with seasons in post
Team captain : list of captains with seasons in post
All-time best players : ...
Honours : championships, leagues & cups won.
Retired jersey numbers : ...

Rink Name
Town, State, Country. Year built. General info. Cost ?
Home ice for : ... list of teams with seasons
Capacity : ... number of seats
Ice pad size : ... dimensions

Book Title (booklet/pamphlet/no brackets if book)
by Author
Publisher, location [year]
Hardback/Paperback : ... number-of-pages pp
ISBN ... number

Official Last Name, First Name (DOB-DOD)
Born in Town, State, Country. General info.
Leagues : ... list of leagues as Linesman and/or Referee with years.
Tournaments : Referee/Linesman at ... held in ... and year.
Honours : Won ...
Referee for the bronze medal game at the Olympics (Women) in 2006.

Comments : ...

Suggested Links : ... URLs

Your Details : your name, city, country

Do you want your details shown on the credits page : YES or NO

Because of the huge number of entry suggestions we receive, we are not be able to respond to every submission in writing.  However, we will advise you if the entry is not to be included in the encyclopaedia - otherwise, you can assume that we will add the entry eventually!

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